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Disclaimer: Publication Integrity and Plagiarism Policy

TRJ is committed to maintaining the highest standards of scholarly integrity and originality. Authors submitting manuscripts for consideration should be aware of the following policy:

Plagiarism and Prior Publication: TRJ strictly prohibits the submission of manuscripts that contain plagiarized content or have been previously published elsewhere. Authors are expected to submit original and unpublished work.

Author Responsibility: By submitting a manuscript, the author acknowledges that the submitted work is original and does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity. The author is solely responsible for the content of the manuscript.

Copyright Form: Authors are required to sign a copyright form upon acceptance of their manuscript for publication. However, the signing of the copyright form does not absolve the author of responsibility for the originality of the work.

Journal's Right to Take Action: TRJ, its editors, and publisher reserve the right to investigate and take appropriate action if plagiarism or prior publication is identified after publication. This includes the removal of the published paper from the journal and blocking the author from future publication in the TRJ.

No Liability: TRJ, its editors, and publisher shall not be held liable for any damages or consequences arising from the publication of plagiarized or previously published material. Authors are solely responsible for the legal and ethical aspects of their submissions.

By submitting a manuscript to the TRJ, authors agree to comply with these policies. TRJ is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and expects authors to adhere to these principles throughout the submission and publication process.

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