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Interdisciplinary Platform for Research

The Research Journal​

Authors are invited to submit complete unpublished papers, which are not under review in any other conference or journal in the following, but not limited to, topic areas.

Machining processes
Non-conventional machining
Industrial Automation
Processing Techniques
Maintenance Engineering
Modeling and optimization
Design of experiments
Composite Materials
Nano composites-Processing and Applications
Rapid Prototyping
Hard turning and minimum lubrication
Automation, robotics and Finite Element Analysis
Condition monitoring and vibration analysis
Experimental Stress Analysis
Fracture and Fatigue
Industrial Tribology
Mechanism Design
IC Engines
Non-conventional energy
Energy auditing
Fuel cells    Refrigeration and Air conditioning
Turbo Machines and Fluid Power Engineering    
Life Cycle Design of Products
Design for Environment    
Design for Manufacturing and Assembly
Applications of FEA in Design    
Concurrent Engineering
PDM, PLM, Collaborative Product Design & Commerce    
Condition Monitoring and Vibration Analysis
Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Engineering    
Applications of AI Techniques in Design and Manufacturing
Modeling & Optimization of Systems and Processes    
Automation and Robotics
Non-Traditional (i.e. advanced) Manufacturing Processes    
Advanced Metal Forming, Welding & Casting techniques
Agile/Lean/Leagile Manufacturing    
Logistics and SCM
Reverse Engineering
Smart Materials    
Mechatronics, MEMS, NEMS
Eco-friendly manufacturing    
Computational Methods in Thermal Engineering, Optimization Methods, CFD
Heat and Mass Transfer
Internal Combustion Engines    
Alternate fuels
Advanced Refrigeration and Air Conditioning    
Turbo Machines and Fluid Power Engineering
Renewable and Nonconventional Energy Sources, 
Energy Systems    
Fluid Dynamics    
Compressible Flows
Computational Mechanics    
Automotive Engineering    
Nanomaterial Engineering
Plasticity Mechanics    
Multibody Dynamics
Nonlinear Dynamics    
Structural Dynamics
Vibrations    Acoustics
Noise Control
Material Engineering

Environmental Engineering
Water Resources
Hydraulic and Hydraulic Structures
Construction Management, and Material
Structural mechanics
Soil mechanics and Foundation Engineering
Coastal engineering and River engineering
Ocean Engineering
Fluid-solid-structure interactions, offshore engineering and marine structures
Constructional management and other civil engineering relevant areas
Transportation Engineering

Circuit Power Electronics
Circuits and Components for Communications
Cloud Computing and Applications
Communication Architectures for Pervasive Computing
Computational Intelligence
Computer Aided Design
Computer Aided Education
Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems
Computer Vision
Computer-based information systems in health care
Cooperative Communications

2G-3G-4G Migration, Convergence and Internetworking
Ad Hoc & Sensor Network
Adaptive and Learning Systems
Adaptive Signal Processing
Advanced Computing Architectures and New Programming Models
Analog Circuits
Antenna and Propagation
Array Processing
Artificial Intelligence
Audio/Speech/Image/Video Signal Processing
Agents and Distributed Computing
Broadband wireless technologies
Cross-layer Design
Data Base Management
Data Mining
Data Retrieval
Digital Circuits
Digital signal processing
Display Technology
Distributed Sensor Networks
E-Business , E-Governance & E- Commerce
Embedded System
Encryption Techniques and Applications
Energy-efficient and green pervasive computing
Expert Systems
Fuzzy logics and algorithms
 GPS and location-based applications
Grid Computing
Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
Image analysis and processing
Image and multidimensional signal processing
Image and Multimedia applications
Information and data security
Information indexing and retrieval
Information processing
Information systems and applications
Information Technology and their application
Intelligent sensors and actuators
Intelligent systems
Internet Technologies, Infrastructure, Services & Applications
Interworking architecture and interoperability
Knowledge management
Management information systems (MIS)
Micro/nano technology
Mixed Signal Circuits
Mobile and Wireless Networks
Mobile Computing and Applications
Mobile Computing for e-Commerce
Multimedia Communications
Natural Language Processing
Network Modeling and Simulation
Network Performance; Protocols; Sensors
Network Security Applications
Networking theory and technologies
Neural Networks and Applications
Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
Operations Research (OR)
Optical Networks
Pattern Recognition
Peer to Peer and Overlay Networks
Pervasive Computing
Positioning and tracking technologies
Quality of Service and Quality of Experience
Real-time computing
Remote Sensing
RFID and sensor network applications
Security Systems and Technologies
Sensors and RFID in pervasive systems
Service oriented middleware
Signal Control System
Smart Antennas and MIMO systems
Smart devices and intelligent environments
Social Networks and Online Communities
Software Engineering
Speech interface; Speech processing
Supply Chain Management
Sustainability of Mobile Wireless Networks
Technology in Education
Theoretical Computer Science
Ubiquitous Networks
Web Technologies
WiFi, WiMAX and 3GPP LTE
Wired/Wireless Technology Integration

​Power Generation: Transmission and Conversion
Electrical Machinery
Control Theory
Industrial Controls
Electrical Transportation Equipment
Solar Energy
High-Power Semiconductors