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An Overview of Fifth Generation (5G) Technology for Advanced Mobile and Wireless Communication Services

Satbir Singh, Hemant Rajveer Singh

Optimized Edge Detection of Medical Images Using Bacterial Foraging Optimization Method

Harneet Kaur, Ishpreet Singh


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Study of Presentation Confidence Improvements in ECC Algorithm with Exposure and Preclusion of Framing and Forgery Attacks

Saumya Rajvanshi, Gurjot Singh Sodhi

A Survey Paper on Use of Data Mining in Various Fields

Mr. Sanadi Rajesh A., Prof. Dhainje Prakash B.


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Multilayer File Encryption Scheme to Encrypt Multimedia Data in Cloud Computing

Tanu Dhiman, Er. Gurjot singh

Review on advanced access control models in cloud computing

Iqbalinder Singh Sohal, Amardeep Kaur


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A Survey for Maximizing the Steganalysis Embedding efficiency using Various Steganography Schemes

Palak Sindhi, Er.Deepinder Kaur


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An Investigation in DDoS Attack in the Web Server Network Using Genetic Approach and Classifier (FFNN)

Gurleen Kaur, Gurjot Singh Sodhi

Iris Recognition using Feature Extraction Technique (SIFT)

Rajvir Kaur, Ishpreet Singh


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