Publication Impact Factor (PIF): 7.650

Growth and Structure of Workforce in India and analysis
Tanisha Gupta

​Review of Resilience and Mindfulness Literature within College Students
Mrs. Rajalakshmi Anandakumar, Dr.Amudha Devi.N.

The Evaluation of Central and Peripheral Corneal Stromal Demarcation Line Depths After Accelerated Crosslinking With Hypo-osmolar and Iso-osmolar Riboflavin Solutions | Ayşe Çiçek

​Novel Approach of Cost-Time Optimization for Construction Contractors using Hybrid Swarm Optimization Approach | Mohit sharma, Er.Vikram kaintura

Use of Municipal Waste in Construction of Bituminous Mixture for Road
Charu, Er.Vikram kaintura

​Improved construction project management using multi objective optimization with genetic algorithm
Koshal Kishore, Er.Vikram Kaintura

Financial Performance of selected Nationalized bank comparative analysis on Different parameters
Ramesh Kumar

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